Category: Free Paintings


This phoenix must have come from a really hot flame because it’s blue.

The Outrageous

All of my Patreon Pal-ys are absolutely awesome. We are a part of “The Outrageous”. I painted this...

Big Ape

One of my Patreon Pal-ys has a “big ape” theme in his usernames. He’s been awesomely...


This flower grew in from the mail for her.

Koi Fish

This fish swam in from the mail for her.

Blue Butterfly

This is the first in a series for a friend of mine. She didn’t know I was painting them for her. I...


Apparently breakfast is also a diva.


She’s named after the creator of Dollywood.  


The next series of three are for my friend who names her dog after divas. I assume this one is...


This is a painting of a hole. The donut part was necessary to represent said hole.


This art will loosen you up.


You like pizza. Pizza is the food at every birthday party because everyone likes pizza. You can’t...

Thor II

But they didn’t call it “Thor 2″. They called it “The Dark World”.

Ship II

This one looks like it belongs on a mantle. Do people still have mantles?

Red Cat

Cats don’t know what color they are. Cause they’re colorblind. What don’t humans know about...

Hip Hop Owl

Whoa, what? Holy crap! Did you know that owls can rap? Freestyling is a difficult art Owls can do...

Girl on Purple

I should put the other half of her on a follow-up painting.

Cranberry Vodka Book

I’d read a book solely dedicated to the drink you order when you can’t think of anything...


This is a daphnia, a small planktonic crustacean. Like, super small. This painting is a huge...

Monarch Butterfly

A sovereign head of state (especially a king, queen, or emperor) butterfly

Unicornisaurus Rex

This person asked for something about dinosaurs. Or unicorns. Too bad I don’t know the definition...

Bomb #3

  JUST DROPPED A BOMB ON THIS PROJECT! I’m baaaaack!! There are some daily arts headed your...

Soccer Ball Camera

They wanted a camera with a soccer ball as the lens. That’s what they got. I feel like this camera...

Beer and Tequila

Malt beverage and liquor. I’ve heard you shouldn’t mix the two. This painting may make you...


This is what happens when you get punched in the face by Batman.

Owl Family

Dad’s out teaching college or mailing a letter or consulting with a wizard or something. I dunno....

Millennium Falcon

Not to be confused with a Millennial Falcon: An entitled, obsessed with social media, hipster,...

Me Accepting a Grammy

I did not request this painting, I swear. Someone from the internet decided I should be depicted...

Lion Six

King of the jungle having a good hair day.

Dog Twelve

Here is someone’s dog. Someone sent me a picture of their dog and said “Paint my dog”. I’m sure...

Dog Howling at Moon

I was painting this on a livestream and one of the people watching commented that it was a cow. I...

Minion Toad

This request was for Toad from Mario Kart mixed with a Minion. I feel like I did a decent job and...