The History of Ali, your best Pal-y

The term polymath is thrown around a lot these days . . . and Ali hopes someone will throw it at her. She does many different, seemingly unconnected things and this biography will attempt to tie them together to explain one fabulously interesting person. Now, this may sound a bit conceited and that is only because Ali is, in fact, a bit conceited and she is the one writing this. Although she is not too conceited to know that anyone actually cool would have someone write her bio for her. OK, on to the facts.


Musician. Comedian. Artist. Exceptional high fiver. Ali Spagnola is your internet best friend! You never know what her comedy and music videos might entail but you know they’ll always be outrageous, clever and spread joy. She has become an Outrageous Life Coach to millions as they watch her surprisingly motivational take on leading a full (and funny) life. Some things Ali is known for include:

  • comedy videos
  • impressive One-Gal Band music videos
  • live Power Hour Drinking Game Concerts
  • Snapchat stunts
  • a hilarious take on fitness
  • visual art

Basically, Ali makes all kinds of cool things using new media.

The Early Years

  • Ali was born in a town outside of Pittsburgh, PA and raised by two spectacular parents. (This is in here because Ali knows her mom is probably the only person that will read this.)
  • At age three, Ali began studying dance taking tap, jazz and ballet classes.
  • At age five she started playing the piano. Shortly after that she became a percussionist in her school band and then picked up the guitar and started taking voice lessons.
  • When she wasn’t being a music nerd she was being a computer nerd, making websites and designing graphics.
  • Dancing became a big part of her life in middle school when she joined a dance company in which she competed all through high school.
  • Near the end of her high school career, Ali took classes in musical theater at Carnegie Mellon University. That experience influenced her decision to apply to the school.
  • Ali went to Carnegie Mellon University to study Art. Her concentration was in sculpture and she also had a focus in Music Theory. If you reeeeeally want to see some of that work, it’s in her old portfolio.
  • She then went on to become an animator and then lead artist at a video game company in Pittsburgh.
    The most notable thing Ali worked on as a video game artist was the Toy Story Midway Mania game in Disney World. She created graphics and animations for the score board on that ride.
  • During that same time she also held a job as sound designer at Android composing UI sounds, alarms and ringtones. Her songs such as “Radiation” and “Robots for Everyone” were shipped as a default ringtones for Android devices such as the Nexus One, Droid and Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.
  • Ok, that’s enough with the chronological. The rest of this is going to be grouped by projects to make it easier to follow.


Snapchat is where Ali life vlogs her every waking moment. (And some sleeping moments, too.) She is basically the young female Dos Equis guy. She leads a most interesting life, showing her adventures, behind-the-scenes of the LA YouTube world and her “Snapchat stunts”. This has lead her to encourage others to make silly decisions in their everyday life in order to make themselves and the people around them happy. She is now considered an Outrageous Life Coach. Her “pal-ys” follow her for a surprisingly motivational take on leading a full (and funny) life. Some Snapchat stunts include:

  • Ali auditioned and became a member of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Crew
  • Ali never matches her shoes. (Seriously. Not once in 10 years.)
  • Ali holds three Guinness World Records including being the fastest female on a space hopper (kids blow-up bouncy toy)
  • If you search “mimosa” on Gify, Ali is the third result
  • Ali voted twice in the 2016 US Presidential Election
  • Ali is a sticker on the iPhone (in Cyanide & Happiness’ app)
  • Ali ate 103 shrimp in one sitting
  • Ali ate 51 oysters in one sitting on Valentine’s Day
  • Ali ate a whole boat of sushi in one sitting (also on Valentine’s Day)
  • Ali swam in a baby pool filled with 50,000 squishy water beads in her apartment
  • Ali has an inner lip tattoo of what should be a piano but looks nothing like a piano
  • Ali got human shrink wrapped
  • Ali interviewed Republicans at the 2017 RNC dressed as an eagle
  • Ali made 48 servings of popcorn and swam in it
  • Ali consistently climbs sculptures and executes handstands at red carpet events
  • Ali hosted the on-stage Snapchat at Pittbull’s NYE concert in 2017
  • Ali broke a mirror under a ladder using an upside down horseshoe while dressed as a black cat on Friday the 13th
  • Ali created the first music video using Snapchat
  • Ali covered her couch entirely in marshmallow peeps and laid on it
  • Ali went for 10 days eating nothing but Soylent (meal replacement shakes)
  • Ali filled an 18ft bouncy, blow up slide with 300 gallons of slime and slid into it
  • Ali wore a “Selfie Suit”, an outfit with her face all over it, for 8 days straight
  • Ali has a full room in her apartment solely dedicated to housing a giant, 8-foot, stuffed teddy bear

One-Gal Band

On YouTube, Ali is known for her One-Gal Band covers where she performs popular hits playing all the instruments looping them and singing to create full songs by herself.

Life the Musical

Ali has a goal to turn life into a musical. She’s on a mission to write catchy songs about everyday occurrences so when they happen, people won’t be able to help but accidentally sing these songs (alone or together). Everyone will know the words and life will become a musical.


On this fantastic visual platform Ali is known for:

  • Fitness: She does CrossFit, kickboxing, hip-hop dance, Olympic lifting, biking, hiking and rarely puts a shirt on.
  • MINI MASHUPS: She creates clever song mashups that are unconventional and surprising yet pleasing.
  • Same breakfast: Yes, that’s real.
  • Selfies: Isn’t everyone doing that?

Free Paintings

Ali has been doing a project called Free Paintings for 9 years. She takes requests online via email about what she should paint. She fills one request a day creating a 12×12″, bright, pop art, acrylic painting of whatever subject any stranger wants and posts it on her website. She then mails the painting to the requester for free. She doesn’t even charge for shipping. Requests are filled on a first come first serve basis (unless you decide to donate to help her continue the project) and the wait list for a free painting is now about 2,000 people long. So far, Ali has completed over 2,700 paintings for the project and still continues to create one square foot of art a day. She has even started creating videos livestreaming a painting show.


Many of Ali’s songs have been featured on MTV’s Real World and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. “What’s Your Name” is included as a free song with the initial download of Google Music Beta. “I Want More” and “What’s Your Name” were played in PNC Park during Pittsburgh Pirates home games. So far she has released four complete albums.

  • Her self-title debut: An absolute mess. Please don’t go find it on iTunes.
  • Free of Style: A collection of dance tracks commissioned by the Free of Style dance convention.
  • The Ego: An (objectively) catchy collection of pop/electro tracks. It’s dance music for smart people.
  • The Power Hour Album: This deserves it’s own category…

The Power Hour Album

When Ali was in college she started playing Drinking Game Concerts that she created by taking the idea of a “Power Hour” – drinking 60 shots of beer in an hour – and mixing it with a live show. She wrote 60 one-minute drinking songs and performs them live while people drink along with every song. Then, a man named Steve Roose claimed he owned the concept of a “Power Hour”, trademarked the term and tried to stop Ali from performing her Drinking Game Concerts and distributing her music. Steve also bullied other Power Hour creators getting videos taken off of YouTube, websites removed, software taken down and Ali’s music removed from Amazon and Rhapsody. Ali didn’t want to sit back and let Steve stop her from distributing her art so she took Steve to court to free the game for everyone.

During this long legal battle, Ali recorded these 60 one-minute drinking songs to create her most recent release, The Power Hour Album. She also designed, developed, manufactured and patented her new Shot Glass USB invention, a shot glass with a removable USB drive that holds The Power Hour Album. (It’s a shot glass. It’s an album of party music. It’s a drinking game. It’s a USB drive. It’s AWESOME.) This drinking game album and Shot Glass USB have received much critical acclaim on the intertubez.

After the release of her Shot Glass USB and 3 years of fighting Steve in court, the verdict of the Power Hour trademark case was announced. The court ruled in Ali’s favor! Power Hour is now free for everyone! Following the announcement, Ali launched a crowdfunding campaign and successfully funded her Freedom Victory Tour and traveled across the US celebrating the legal victory and performing her drinking game live for fans and supporters. This also resulted in her being banned in the entire state of Michigan.

She has also published a Power Hour App that’s her album, the drinking game, a custom Power Hour creator and a social sharing party tool.

Other Stuff About Ali That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else

  • Ali is a freestyle rapper on Second City LA’s hiphop improv house team, performing bi-weekly.
  • Ali’s decided she has to be bad at something so she picked driving.
  • Ali is a terrible driver.
  • Ali was once employed as a mannequin. Her job description was to stand perfectly still in a dress shop window.
  • Ali takes cold showers.
  • Ali knows pi to 50 places.
  • Ali was also a competitive figure skater in her youth and could most likely kick your butt around an ice rink.
  • Ali recently decided to become a saxophonist and taught herself in about two months.
  • Ali enjoys showing off her accomplishments and writing in the third person.