Shot no.: 57
Song title: This Song Drunk
Style: Pop
Reason for this experiment: Obligation
Conclusion from this experiment: Drunk art is hard

It’s only fitting that I write at least one of these songs under the influence. I had to do it. For science! Sure, a ton of my titles and lyrics came from notes I’d written down while I was out drinking with friends and got inspired, but for this song I made a point to compose it under the influence. It was a pain in the butt because I’d have to get behind my piano to write after 2 AM when I’d get home from the bar. Although a couple of times I just cracked open some beers because I wanted to work on it. Yes, I’m that dedicated and serious about my art.

When I tell you in the lyrics to leave drunk songwriting to trained professionals, I mean it. This was hard and stupid and not a good idea. This track took me forever and is dumb. I repeatedly rhyme “drunk” with “drunk. And the rest of the song doesn’t rhyme at all! Lyrics that state, “Something this song drunk” and “You are this song drunk”? What was I thinking?! Luckily we’re past the point in the game where people will be judgmental.

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Uh, ho, one, two, three, four
I wrote this song drunk
I might be playing this song drunk
You’re probably hearing this song drunk
Mmm this song drunk

Come on, oh yeah, now don’t you think it’s fitting
That I would write a song when I’ve been drinking
‘Cause this right here it is a power hour
And you’re drunk, too

I wrote this song drunk
Something this song drunk
La la this song drunk
Mmm this song drunk

Now don’t you dare go trying this at home
Just leave drunk art to trained professionals
‘Cause I thought this would help me be creative
But I was wrong

I wrote this song drunk
You are this song drunk
This is this song drunk
Mmm this song drunk