Shot no.: 34
Song title: Break the Seal
Style: Blues
No. of ounces in your bladder: 51

Dear world: let it be known that I have written a song about peeing. Yep, that’s a proud fact for my resume. And of course the perfect song style to sing about the torment of having to go is blues.

There’s no T-shirt or power hour gear design for this track because I couldn’t think of anything people would want to wear that’s about urination. And beverage containers with a saying about body waste is, well, let’s say “unappealing”.

Anyway, not peeing is not fun so anyone that says you can’t go to the bathroom during a power hour is a dumbhead. I’d much rather you miss this song than miss how dry your pants used to be. So take a TO from the game and get that business done. Or if you’re someplace with lots of stalls, take a TV timeout: stop the music and let all the players get refreshed. Maybe even have a pee-off where the last one still going wins.

Download the song: Break the Seal - The Power Hour Album

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It’s a puzzle that just drinking down a small ounce one by one
Could completely fill your bladder long before the hour’s done
You can’t bear to miss the action, will not leave and miss a song
But you find that you can only really hold it for so long
Did you make it to the bathroom or is your seat a little wet?

What I really want to know is did you break the seal yet?

If you didn’t break it yet you’re holding out cause when you do
You know you’ll go 20 more times before the hour’s through
And that can get risky cause when you run to the pot
You can only spend a minute there or else you’ll miss a shot
Perhaps you haven’t gone cause you’re trying to win a bet

Have you given up your wager? Did you break the seal yet?