Shot no.: 27
Song title: Text Someone That’s Not Here
Style: Lounge Music/Easy Listening
Super nerdy: Jokes about “home keys”

27 shots means it’s time to get out that mobile device. This song is about drunk texts but it could really include drunk tweeting, drunk Snapchatting, drunk emailing, drunk photo uploads to Facebook, really any type of social+digital interaction under the influence. Technology, alcohol and public broadcasting are always a delightful combination.

I found that a lot of my friends at my concerts end up texting me on stage as I sing this song. They’re doing it wrong because I’m not “not here”, darn it! But still pretty funny. Now it’s not only my friends, but the whole Power Hour League because of the aforementioned drunk tweeting encouragement. I love hearing from partiers, especially at minute 27, because it’s just the right amount of drunk to have coherency but hilariously lowered inhibitions.

This song has a hidden (and nerdy) puzzle/joke in the lyric “Tell you’re friend you’re at ‘clip drinking hand concept'”. That sentence is a mangled version of what T9 predictive text and AutoCorrect might do when you’re drunkenly trying to type “Ali’s drinking game concert”.

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It’s that time you start feeling a little weird
Go ahead and text someone that’s not here

What better way for you to waste ten cents?
Just make sure you don’t send to your parents
Type what you’re thinking and then hit send
It’s OK if you spelled “of” with a colon

Go ahead and text someone that’s not here
Who needs home keys when you’ve got a thumb?
Let’s just hope T9 predicts the right one
Or maybe send some swear words to your ex
Or tell your friend you’re at “clip drinking hand concept”

Go ahead and text someone that’s not here