Shot no.: 28
Song title: Truth Serum
Style: Rock
Things you’re lacking: Reason, inhibitions, self-restraint

Drinking too much causes two types of vomit. This song is about the kind known as word vomit. Sometimes you just gotta get smashed and let your roommate know that you pee in the shower. (Thanks, Trudy*) Or tell your coworker you don’t think she went to high school. Or point out that your friend’s boyfriend has weird, tiny hands. Or admit you don’t actually have a “thing” Friday night, you just said you did. Shutting off your frontal lobe comes in handy in these situations.

One day I need to perform a power hour but serve only O’Doul’s without telling anyone. I’d love to see the chaos that ensues when people only think they’re getting wasted. Of course, my friends would show up already drunk and ruin my experiment.

*Names have been changed to protect the inebriated.

Download the song: Truth Serum - The Power Hour Album

Honesty seems to be so easy with booze
Though I think people would tell the truth if you secretly gave them O’Doul’s
Either way drinking’s a good excuse to tell the truth

Maybe you do look fat in that
Or I hooked up with your roommate Matt
It was actually me that killed the cat

Of course I can tell your boobs are fake
That vegetarian meal was actually steak
This relationship sucks. I need a break

I kind of think Mickey Mouse is hot
And Kenny G is my weak spot
I watch porn a whole lot

If you want the facts from your friends then beer ’em
‘Cause alcohol is truth serum