Shot no.: 10
Song title: Hermakey
Style: Broadway/Piano Rock
Best time to listen to the song: The next morning

HERMAKEY – [her-muh-kee] adjective
1. Used to describe the feeling that one experiences when waking up after a night of heavy drinking and the effects of the alcohol have not yet worn off. One may be hyper with a general feeling of well being and/or cheer. One most assuredly has lowered cognitive function and perceptual abilities yet this has no effect on the elevated mood.

2. Still drunk the next morning

Origin: College; root words hyper, murky

Example: “Those Jägerbombs at 4:00AM left me completely hermakey this morning and I forgot to wear pants to work”

The phrase “still drunk the next morning” is entirely too long and used entirely too often. My friend, Fannie*, decided to do something about that. Fannie knew the glorious combination of a fuzzy head and a feeling of joy and invincibility after a long night of drinking and a short night of sleeping deserved a name. Using parts of “hyper” and “murky” she came up with an almost sensical combination (I’m assuming she was, in fact, hermakey at the time) and the much-needed word was born. Then, the genius term-coiner/modern day Shakespeare started a Facebook group about hermakey with this description:

So you had a good night last night…You wake up the next morning, you are by no means sober, but also not hung over, you are not falling on yourself drunk…you are…perfect!!!

That feeling is Hermakey

You wander through the day like you own it. You are an observer of all…For some reason you have the right to just stare at people and it doesn’t matter if they look back. Nature is wonderful! Everything is facinating, the rust on the railing, the leaves on the trees. Classes…well that is funny, you go but, your mind is not there, you can focus for a few seconds, long enough to jot a note, but then you notice how the eraser marks on the board looks like a horse, and your mind wanders once again.

Your interactions with others consists of a lot of laughing, people may be talking about you, people may be making fun of you, but it is ok, cause you own the world and you wonder through it that way!

Do you want to be hermakey? Go out tonight and try to make it happen for tomorrow

That description was the inspiration for this song. Thank you, Fannie, for your contributions to culture. I’m sure Webster will soon take note.

*Names have been changed to protect the inebriated

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So you had a good night last night
You’re by no means sober and not nearly hung over
Last night you got wrecked
This morning you’re perfect

A one, two, three, that’s hermakey
You’re kind of hyper and everything’s a little bit murky

You wander through the day like you own it and
Everything’s funny just a little bit and
Your mind wanders. It just won’t quit and
Life is tons of fun. I must admit

So if you’re smart and you think ahead
You’ll know these shots aren’t for now but tomorrow instead
When you wake up and get out of bed well
You’ll remember just what I said

‘Cause you’re hermakey
You’re kind of hyper and everything’s a little bit murky