Shot no.: 42
Song title: Power Nap
Style: Electro/Rock
Song intention: To soothe you. . . with thumping electronic rock

If there’s anything I’ve learned from making The Power Hour Album it’s that 60 is a lot of things. 60 is a lot of songs to write. 60 is a lot of videos to make. And 60 is a lot of minutes to play a game. So I give you a break for this song. You get exactly one minute of a power nap to recharge. Don’t worry, there’s a buzzer at the end to wake you up to get back in the game. Seriously, go to sleep! You’re going to need that rest to get to the end of the party. How could you not drift off to this calming tune? I even lay down on stage during my show in the video.

This song is a dance remix of “Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, gute Nacht (Good evening, good night), Op. 49, No. 4”. Sound familiar? It’s also known as Brahms’s Lullaby. Aaaaahhh, I’m sure the classical composers would be so proud of what I’m doing.

Download the song: Power Nap - The Power Hour Album

This is your 60 seconds
To kill the yawns

I’ll shut it
You sleep a bit