Shot no.: 37
Song title: Do the BAC
Style: Dance/R&B
Additional dance moves: Alphabet backwards, index finger to thumb, watch the moving object

By shot number 37, even the terrible and terribly self-conscious dancers start to bust a move so I made this album’s danceable energy continue to ramp up from here. I actually created a dance to go along with this song and I teach you how to “do the BAC” with the lyrics. (BAC being an acronym for blood alcohol content. But if you’re on my website, you totally already knew that.)

The moves are based on the Field Sobriety Test that cops use to analyze if you’ve been drinking. Walking heel-to-toe in a straight line, standing on one leg, finger-to-nose, tilting your head back and standing still (called the Rhomberg Balance test) and clapping your hands are all things that a cop may request from someone. And now they’re a sweet choreographed dance.

If you think you dance better when you’re under the influence then you’ve never done the BAC. I just love the idea of a whole drunk crowd stumbling through these moves because they’re specifically made to be difficult for someone in their condition. I’m also imagining people finding themselves unintentionally singing this song and adding some flair to their moves when they’re being tested by a cop out in the “field”. Why just take a test when you can take a test with style?!

Download the song: Do the Bac - The Power Hour Album

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Here we go now
Come on now
Hey, hey, get moving

Do the BAC, come on
Just put that shot down
Balance yourself now
I want to see you
Do the BAC, come on

You ready for the BAC?
Come on follow me
Step left, right, left, right
Lift you foot and touch your nose, come on
Left, right, heel to toe and
Lift your foot and touch your nose
Keep it going now
Come on now show me how you

Do the BAC,come on
Just put that shot down
Balance yourself now
I want to see you
Do the BAC, come on

Let me see you walk that line now
Show me how you do it on one foot
Tilt your head back
Tilt your head back
Clap your hands now