Shot no.: 23
Song title: Mixed Drinks Too
Style: 60’s Swing/Jazz
Activities that can’t possibly go wrong: Consuming one thing a minute

Mixed Drinks Too exists so all the non-beer drinkers at the party don’t feel left out. It’s also my tiny (very tiny) attempt to get myself out of seeming like I encourage irresponsible drinking. Clearly based on this song, my album is not a drinking game at all but in fact just a timed hour for whatever activity you choose! Anyone under 21 purchasing this product must be using it to time their workout intervals. Or eat sixty mini burgers! Can I get sued for encouraging irresponsible slider consumption?

You’ll see in the live video that my friend, Bertha*, decided minute 23 was time for me to drink. First she offers a whole beer. At 0:11 I step away from the mic to shout something to her. What I said was, “I’m kind of in the middle of something here.” She took that to mean, “Shots are easier to drink.” So Bertha pours me a shot. Ok, fine, I’ll take it. Then I embarrassingly drink only half of it before I have to sing again and she calls me out for it at 0:30. My reputation ruined, I finish my shot at 0:36. Then I throw the shot glass back and Bertha makes the most miraculous drunk catch I’ve ever seen at 0:38. Seriously, check out her skills. Good thing she didn’t drop it because that would have wasted valuable seconds before she immediately pours me another shot. I’m sure she was just trying to help me redeem myself from my last poor shot-taking performance. When I don’t grab the shot from her right away she figures it must be because the glass is too far away. Bertha solves this problem by employing a taller gentleman to get the shot as close to me as possible. What I’ve learned from this is that my drunk friends are athletically dexterous problem solvers. Also, enablers.

Download the song: Mixed Drinks Too - The Power Hour Album

I know this whole time I’ve been preaching beer to you
Believe it or not this game works with mixed drinks, too
Why not be creative? A power hour with food could be the new thing
Or play the game with water the next morning
Wine, coffee, milkshakes, one for each song
One thing a minute can’t possibly be wrong