Shot no.: 20
Song title: Jesus Loved Power Hours
Style: Gospel Rock
Proven by the Bible: Alcohol > Water

So, I totally did a power hour with Jesus once. It was about 3 AM at a frat party and everything was winding down. I ran into Jesus on the dance floor and we got to talking because I asked what toga party he came from. Turns out those robes are what he always wears. We hit it off and ended up on the topic of power hours. “Oh my dad, I LOOOVE power hours!” Jesus preached, “Let’s do one right now!” I sadly pointed out that it was 3 AM, the party was ending and the beer was running out. Long story short, Jesus turned on some Ace of Base, turned time back to 10:30, turned some water into Natty Ice and turned me into a believer. That dude is a hit at parties.

It’s important to note that later I noticed Jesus almost always carried two drinks at a time. He explained to me, “My dad told me he gave us two hands for a reason.” That’s where the lyrics for Double Fisting came from. It’s also worth noting that it was Easter Sunday.

So this song is dedicated to that dude I met on that epic night. What better way to give him a shout out than with a gospel rock song with a preachy church organ and a congregation of stomps. Make sure you’re ready to clap halfway through the song when the beat goes double time and all heaven breaks loose. Hallelujah! Stand up and testify for shot number 20!

By the way, you should TOTALLY have known that story was a lie. You can’t have a conversation on the dance floor at a frat party! It’s too loud. Jesus and I actually met upstairs waiting for the bathroom.

Download the song: Jesus Loved Power Hours - The Power Hour Album

I’m pretty sure Jesus loved power hours
Refilling kegs with his holy powers
Of course he used a sundial to keep time
Instead of beer he used wine
Doing shots with the divine
And he’d play songs like I saw the sign
And it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign

Carpentry was the only way
To make shot glasses in that day
This game was something to do besides pray
And they’d do two in a row on Christmas Day
I’m pretty sure Jesus loved power hours