Shot no.: 4
Song title: Game Within the Game
Style: Rock/Synth
No. of extra sips taken: 20

On the fourth shot of a power hour, people are still feeling like one minute is a long time and that this game is too easy. Enter: the Game Within the Game. This song is a mini drinking game within the power hour. To play, you take an extra sip of beer every time I sing the word “game”. If you actually keep up, you get 20 extra sips of beer.

I think only one person actually completed the Game Within the Game during my last live show. That would be my friend Nancy* in the video below. She’s the one that yells, “Wait, hold on!” in the beginning (at 0:04) because she needs a moment to prepare for the challenge.

I like the concept of people having to complete an action immediately at my verbal cue. It makes me feel so powerful. Especially at 0:51 in the video when I point to Nancy and she has to drink.

My friend, Thomas, and his buddy have had extensive debates about whether the Game Within the Game should continue throughout the whole power hour or not. If you take a sip every time I say the word “game” for the entire hour, you actually get 32 extra sips total. I say go for it but you’d have to really be paying attention for the whole game. If that interferes with your dancing, singing and partying then it’s totally not worth it. Dancing, singing and partying are the number one priorities of a power hour.

*Names have been changed to protect the inebriated

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Since we just started and you’re still kind of bored
And you’re waiting there with your shot already poured
Let’s play the game within the game

Every time I sing the word “game” to you
You’ve got to take a sip of your brew
It’s the game within the game

So if you’re following in time
You’ll know you’re already five sips behind
It’s the game within the game

This game can be lots of fun
Especially if I say the word “game” a ton
Game game game game game

So by now you’re worn out and that’s not a shame
‘Cause you’ve been following along for this whole . . . thing
It’s the game game game game game within the game