My album has a HUGE variety of song styles (so you notice when the song changes.)

Each song has an insanely awesome:

  • Live video
  • Rad T-shirt
  • Ridiculous background story
  • Hilarious lyrics

Check the links below to find all that awesomeness. . .

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2) It Sounds Like a Good Idea
Style: ’60s Pop
3) Drunk Dialing
Style: Piano Rock
4) Game Within the Game
Style: Rock/Electro
5) Shot Glass On a String
Style: Country Western
7) Double Fisting
Style: Rockabilly
8) Done With One
Style: Boogie Woogie
9) Drunk Running
Style: Piano Rock
10) Hermakey
Style: Piano Rock
11) Everybody Wins
Style: Boogie Woogie
12) Pink Elephant
Style: ’50s Soul
13) This Bar
Style: Pop/Electro
14) Clean Up That Spill
Style: Pop/Electro
17) Party Tattoos
Style: 80’s Rock
18) Synonyms for Drunk
Style: Bluegrass
19) Emotional Black Hole
Style: Power Ballad
22) I’m Fine Occifer
Style: Alt Rock
23) Mixed Drinks Too
Style: 60’s Swing/Jazz
24) Third Beer Assault
Style: Country
25) Get Out of Couch
Style: 20’s swing
26) For Light Beer
Style: Pop/Hip Hop
27) Text Someone That’s Not Here
Style: Lounge/Big Band
28) Truth Serum
Style: Rock
29) This Frat Sucks
Style: Rock
30) Halfway
Style: Rock/Electro
33) Liquid Blank
Style: Funk/R&B
34) Break the Seal
Style: Blues
35) Instrumental
Style: Stomp
36) One Chord for One Shot
Style: Honky Tonk/Country
37) Do the BAC
Style: Dance/R&B
38) Fill It to the Brim
Style: Techno
39) 39th Song
Style: Pop/Rock
40) Five Caps
Style: Sea Chanty
41) Ode to Everyone Underage
Style: Electro/Pop
42) Power Nap
Style: Electro/Rock
43) Fill It Up Again
Style: Pop/Rock
44) Salute to Lightweights
Style: R&B/Hip Hop
46) S Curve Jig
Style: Irish Jig
47) Efficient Drinking
Style: Rock/Electro/Pop
48) Alcohol Is My Anti-Drug
Style: Swing/Blues
49) Shots In the Shower
Style: 80’s Pop
50) My Liver Hurts
Style: Beatboxing
51) Sandwich In a Can
Style: Electro/Dance/Pop
52) Cheers for No Reason
Style: Pop/Rock
53) Build a Beeramid
Style: Electro/Dance/Rock
55) Bar Fight
Style: Metal
57) This Song Drunk
Style: Pop
59) But You Drink Instead
Style: Electro/Hip Hop
60) The End
Style: Swing
60.5) Sixty and a Half
Style: Electro/Dance