Oh man, I just realized I’ve made a lot of stuff in the last month. If you haven’t been keeping up with my videos, there have been 4 new ones you def need to see. Here’s my fave:


And I’ve got another One-Gal Band video coming up soon …because of YOU GUYS!! Have you seen my Patreon??? Holy crap! I’ve been able to keep making videos because of the ridiculous support you’ve given. Thank you so much!!! If you’re not on this freaking amazing team, I’d love to have you join us immediately 🙂 CLICK ON THIS SWEET PROPAGANDA I MADE TO SIGN UP:


Stevie + Ally + Ali LIVESTREAM SHOW
Our monthly party!

Thurs, Oct. 22 Stevie + Ally + Ali LIVESTREAM SHOW
Live music and chat with us online! | 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT

We are doing our monthly partyshow this Thursday! You guys crashed my site last time. (HAH! Dope!) So we’re using YouNow this time… and still holding the tip challenge where we compete against each other to get the most love from you guys. Haha it’s been hilarious and awesome because you guys are awesome 🙂 SEE YOU SOON!