Today, my Power Hour buddies, Pete and Greg, and I got an email that contained solely these six words:

The domain is for sale

That website is Steve Roose’s domain. When I went to the site, I saw this:

power hour game

Steve’s website is now gone. He has given up on selling his terrible product.

So how does this generic “Domain Sales Corp” know that Pete, Greg and I would be the people to email about it? Because there is no such thing as Domain Sales Corp. It’s just another fake Gmail address that Steve Roose has created in order to try to deceive me. Draining my $30,000 for legal fees was not enough. Steve Roose thinks he’s going fool me so he can take my money for his website.

Another obnoxious detail I’d like to point out is that his site has a Facebook like button claiming that over 2.5 million people like the page! Wow. Maybe this domain is worth buying if it has such a crazy following. Upon a little investigation I discovered that he’s actually embedded a like button that’s counting the votes for “”, not his own site.

So Steve is lying about who he is and lying about his product in attempt to get more money out of me. The extent of Roosebag’s suckness seems to have no end.