The title gave it away. I couldn’t help it! Holycrapholycrapholycrap!!! After 3 years of hard work and $30,000 of legal fees. The court has just ruled in my favor. In OUR favor! WE WIN! Steve Roose’s trademark has been revoked. Everyone is free to play Power Hours all they want!

This amazing announcement is coming in conjunction with the launch of my new Freedom Victory Tour campaign! It’s time to make a global party, dear Power Hour players. Join me for the fun 🙂

Freedom Victory Tour

Check out the video and Indiegogo page that explain all the exciting details of the splendid conclusion of this ridiculous legal battle. And if you want a serious (and seriously hilarious) rundown of all that went on through this whole court case, check out my story: How I stuck it to The Man while simultaneously chugging a beer!

Power Hour Legal Battle