Shot no.: 46
Song title: S Curve Jig
Style: Celtic Punk/Irish Jig
Shocking discovery: Trigonometry is useful

Irish Jig! Sort of. Check out the dance steps in the picture on the right to learn how to perform the S Curve Jig. If you’re doing it correctly, it will look like what I’m doing in the pictures above. Or nothing like what I’m doing in the pictures above. Don’t forget to bell kick and strike a pose at the end. Or just fall over. That’s fine, too.

Of course one of these songs needed to be in a Celtic punk style! I’m surprised no one’s mad I didn’t make every track on the album an Irish drinking song.

For you non-geeks out there, “s curve” is referring to the line created by a “Sigmoid function” which is in the shape of an S. Because no drunk people walk like a linear graph. At best, it’s a scatter plot that falls near a linear regression. I could actually have called this the “Sine Wave Jig” because that might be a bit more accurate. And I don’t even know how it’s possible but REEEEEALLY drunk people walk in a tangent graph shape. Ok, yeah this is getting way too nerdy. Do your shot.

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If an officer of the law makes you walk the line
Just give him a taste of your dancing divine
It’s really easy. Just try to walk straight
Inevitably S curves are your fate

It is the S curve jig
It is the S curve jig

As you’re walking down the street
Just trying to play it cool and think you’re discreet
Everyone can plainly tell
And it’s not only ’cause you fell

It is the S curve jig
It is the S curve jig