Today I’m going to give testimony for the power hour trademark case! I have to answer a bunch of questions about my knowledge of the term “power hour” and Steve’s interactions with me. I may be slightly nervous about this. But for no good reason. It’s going to be fine. My lawyer even wrote out all the questions he’s going to ask me.

The last question I’ll be asked is “Have you received support from others in pursuing this Opposition?  Please describe this support.” So all of you people posting online about how “power hour” is a generic term is going to be helpful with my testimony! And all of the supporters who gave donations to help me with my legal fees are helping as evidence, too! So thank you, again, to everyone that donated and everyone that’s been following the case and writing emails, blog postings and comments in support.

Steve still hasn’t responded so we don’t know if he’s even going to show up for the testimony. I’ll let you know if he does or doesn’t.

Wish me luck with my question answering. Maybe I should do a power hour before I testify. You know, just to refresh my memory on what a power hour is. Plus it will calm those nerves.