The SAVE THE POWER HOUR campaign is getting some attention. Power Hour HQ wrote up an amazing article and started sharing the story which elicited lots of great comments. Techdirt posted about it and Pittsburgh City Paper published a column. Bluesbunny Music Reviews also wrote a post. The most attention has come from where the story made it up to number two on the front page, got 3,223 up votes and 533 comments so far. Power Hour HQ’s article also made it to the front page of reddit. The story has been tweeted 42 times and dugg 25 times. Some people even started using the hash tag #savethepowerhour on Twitter. Thanks to everyone who’s helped share the story!

Update 5/23: has now written an article about the campaign.

Update 5/26: Bro Bible interviewed me.

Update 6/7: urlesque article