USB Shot Glass

This Shot Glass USB is four awesome things in one. It’s an . . .

USB Shot Glass

What It Is
This is a shot glass with a removable USB that comes loaded with Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Album of 60 one-minute drinking songs. Use the music to play a power hour drinking game! Just plug in the USB to play the songs, copy them to your computer, put them on an MP3 player or burn a CD. The USB is also reusable to store 1GB of data.

How To Play
To play the drinking game: start the music and take a shot of beer every time the song changes. Everybody wins!

Use the shot glass to get your drink on! It comes with a removable lanyard to stay safely around your neck for hands free fun! It’s scientifically formulated to be the perfect power hour party. Just add beer. Guaranteed to take you from 0 to 60 in one hour.


preview the songs


Track List
All the party songs you’ll get on the album

1) 60 Songs (and They’re All One Minute Long)
2) It Sounds Like a Good Idea
3) Drunk Dialing
4) Game Within the Game
5) Shot Glass On a String
6) The Minute’s Not Up
7) Double Fisting
8) Done With One
9) Drunk Running
10) Hermakey
11) Everybody Wins
12) Pink Elephant
13) This Bar
14) Clean Up That Spill
15) People Drinking Boone’s
16) Pause for the Cause
17) Party Tattoos
18) Synonyms for Drunk
19) Emotional Black Hole
20) Jesus Loved Power Hours
21) Drinking With a Helmet
22) I’m Fine Occifer
23) Mixed Drinks Too
24) Third Beer Assault
25) Get Out of Couch
26) For Light Beer
27) Text Someone That’s Not Here
28) Truth Serum
29) This Frat Sucks
30) Halfway
31) These Songs Keep Getting Faster
32) If You’re Wasted and You Know It
33) Liquid Blank
34) Break the Seal
35) Instrumental
36) One Chord for One Shot
37) Do the BAC
38) Fill It to the Brim
39) 39th Song
40) Five Caps
41) Ode to Everyone Under Age
42) Power Nap
43) Fill It Up Again
44) Salute to Lightweights
45) Refill Right After You Drink
46) S Curve Jig
47) Efficient Drinking
48) Alcohol Is My Anti-Drug
49) Shots In the Shower
50) My Liver Hurts
51) Sandwich In a Can
52) Cheers for No Reason
53) Build a Beeramid
54) Song In the Key of an Empty
55) Bar Fight
56) You Won’t Remember This Song
57) This Song Drunk
58) You’re Almost There
59) But You Drink Instead
60) The End
60.5) Sixty and a Half [Exclusive USB bonus track]




USB Exclusives
Only available on the Shot Glass USB!

Bonus Track
Track Sixty and a Half is a 30-second song to add an extra half shot at the end of your power hour. Because what you need after 90 ounces of beer . . . is slightly more beer.

Power Hour Poster
Get an exclusive poster of The Power Hour Album cover. Print it out and hang it up to remind you how great power hours are. The poster even works while you’re sober!

High Quality Tracks
In addition to MP3s, the USB comes loaded with AAC versions of all the songs. Just because your bombed doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some high quality sound.

Also on the USB
Even more digital stuff!

The Album’s Digital Booklet
Want to know the words to all the power hour jams? You get a digital booklet with the cover art and all the lyrics for the whole drinking game.

Awesome or Your Money Back
Guaranteed to hold booze and data perfectly!
If you’re not completely satisfied with your power hour product you can return it to me up to a year after your purchase.