Join the Power Hour League! Get the official PHL jersey to show off that you’re on the team. It’s the essential uniform for any Power Hour.

I made them with American Apparel shirts so they’re great quality and fit really nicely (Unisex – Women order one size smaller)


Warming up for a serious party? You can’t pregame without this awesome Power Hour League warm-up tee. Put it on while you put beer in.

I made both men’s and women’s versions so they’re a flattering fit for every one of our teammates in the PHL.


Signed copy of the CD and USB

For the serious power hour partier
Get both versions of the album signed by the power hour rockstar… me! It’s exactly 60 times more awesome. This is required equipment for any hardcore power hour player.


The official poster from my Freedom Victory Tour campaign and live show! You guys helped me take down a trademark bully. Now get the poster to commemorate the victory!

I’ll personally sign it for you!


The official PHL pint glass!

Show off that you’ve been drafted into the Power Hour League by drinking your draft from this killer cup. It looks awesome and holds beer awesomely.


The official PHL koozie!

No Power Hour League player lets their beer get warm. Or their hand get cold.






This Shot Glass USB is four awesome things in one. It’s an . . .

USB Shot Glass

Awesome or Your Money Back
Guaranteed to hold booze and data perfectly!
If you’re not completely satisfied with your power hour product you can return it to me up to a year after your purchase.