My Drinking Game Album/Concerts/Shot Glass USB
Explained in only one minute!

The Drinking Game
What is a power hour and how do I play?

  1. Take a shot of beer for every minute for one hour.
  2. Awesomeness ensues.

My Drinking Game Album
It’s music. It’s a party. It’s pretty friggin’ great.

My Power Hour Album
I wrote 60 one-minute drinking songs to aid you in marking every minute of a Power Hour Drinking Game. (Keeping track of time is hard when you’re bombed.)

To play the game
Start the music (or go to one of my Drinking Game Concerts) and take a shot of beer ever time the song changes. Everybody wins!

You can literally drink out of my album!

If that wasn’t enough awesomeness, my Drinking Game Album also comes on a Shot Glass USB that I invented.

My Drinking Game Concerts
Yes. I perform this awesomeness live!

I’ll let the video speak for itself 🙂 Join the Power Hour League to get updates when my tour is coming to you!

You can also book me to perform at your event! Contact me to make it happen!

The Trademark Dispute
Stupid sucky thing that’s happening

In October of 2009, a guy named Steve Roose sent me – and many other people that own power hour websites – cease and desist letters claiming he was the owner of the game “Power Hour” and that we were infringing on his trademark. I ended up having to take Steve to court and got into a legal battle that cost me me a ton of money. After 3 years of fighting to free the game for everyone, the court ruled in my favor! POWER HOUR IS FREE! You can read more about the whole crazy story here.

About Ali
A drinking composer with a music problem

Ali created her Power Hour Album because she wanted her live shows to be more like parties. Success! After writing only (heh…only) 60 songs, her concerts became chaotic/awesome/ridiculous drinking games. The fans didn’t just listen, they played along, they took part, they got sloshed. But that wasn’t enough for this genius. Genius? Yeah, let’s say genius (mostly because Ali’s the one writing this).

I. . . er. . . Ali then invented an amazing new product known as the Shot Glass USB. It’s a shot glass on a lanyard that doubles as a USB to hold The Power Hour Album music. The greatest advancement in alcoholic data storage since the message in a (beer) bottle.

Not So Drunk Music
Ali also writes music that doesn’t necessarily have to do with getting wrecked. You can check that out here.

Contact Ali
Ali isn’t famous enough yet to not want to talk to you so you can email her here or even send her a drunk text! Check out The 27th Shot website to find out how.

You can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

A message from Ali: I promote GETTING stupid but don’t BE stuipd. Partying is cool but harming yourself is not.
A message from Binge Responsibly, LLC: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink and operate heavy machinery, dangerous equipment or tools. Don’t mix alcohol and medications. Don’t drink and perform any task which generally requires good judgment. The artist expressly disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of this product.