Ali Spagnola | Power hourWhat It Is

My Power Hour Album is 60 one-minute party songs. Use the music to play a power hour drinking game!

How To Play the Drinking Game

Start the music and take a shot of beer every time the song changes. Everybody wins!

It’s scientifically formulated to be the perfect power hour party. Just add beer. Guaranteed to take you from 0 to 60 in one hour.








What It Is

This is a shot glass with a removable USB that comes loaded with Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Album of 60 one-minute drinking songs.

Use the music to play a power hour drinking game! Just plug in the USB to play the songs, copy them to your computer, put them on an MP3 player or burn a CD. The USB is also reusable to store 1GB of data.


No Pants Power Hour livestream show is ALL NEW!!

There is something seriously special going down this Sunday night (on the holiday weekend!). We’re about to make some magic happen and you need to be a part of it. My No Pants Power Hour livestream show is now completely revamped. And I’m SO. PSYCHED. Check out what we’ve got to make it a bajillion times better:

A new set
Holy crap, the new studio we’re broadcasting from is freakin’ fantastic!

Hugely improved sound and video
We gonna sound and look amazingggg.

A live studio audience
Yep, real laughs from real people doing a real Power Hour with us in real time. Kickass!

A special guest for each show
This month’s guest is Chris Wright, an absolutely hilarious improv comedian.



A new crew
AH!! The videographer that came on tour with me, Dustin, is now producing the show! And we’ve got my comedian friend, Sereny, interacting live with the chat room!

A new format
Think… late night show + Double Dare + variety show + drinking game. More comedy, more music, more awesomeness, same amount of aggressive drinking.

I’m seriously sooooo excited for this Sunday. I can’t wait to party with you guys online!! Make sure you RSVP so I know your rad self will be there. And invite friends, too!

Sunday, May 25
10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT



Holy freaking crap FULLY FUNDED!
Further excitement expressed in subtitle!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! Wedidit! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUUUUUUU!!!!

That is what my brain has been doing all day. Tuesday was UNBELIEVABLE. The entire length of my Freedom Victory Tour Indiegogo campaign has been unbelievable! Ok I’m going to make a list of the things that I can’t believe:

  1. We actually made it happen!
  2. We actually made it happen at the very last moment!
  3. You all came together to absolutely explode your social networks for me!
  4. Narwhals (I mean, seriously. Photoshop. Has anyone ever seen one in real life?)
  5. The huge outpouring of love through the whole campaign!
  6. 1,486 contributors?!
  7. You guys have allowed me to make the Freedom Victory Tour a reality!
  8. There are actually other people as excited about this as me?!
  9. Tons of people felt like crap at work yesterday. (Because they stayed up late with me to see this through together!)
  10. Over $10,000 in one day!!
  11. I get to send you koozies as a bonus perk for $35k! When were were at $30k, a friend of mine laughed and said “those koozies may be a pipe dream”. (He’s not a jerk. I actually agreed with him.) I’m happy to have the honor of mailing my non-jerk friend a pipe dream.
  12. I get to send you pint glasses as a bonus perk for $40k!! Ok, that one was DEFINITELY a pipe dream. A dream that came to life and hit me in the face like a pipe! (That almost made sense.)
  13. Did I mention… We actually made it happen!!
  14. I still don’t have to put on pants!

To everyone that gave me their love, excitement, dollars and positivity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (The bottom of my liver says “screw you”, though.) Seriously, I am humbled by the support you’ve given and so grateful to everyone that helped make this a reality. I’m stunned that so many people worked so hard for me in the final hours. Wow.

I can’t wait to come celebrate with you IN PERSON!! Come say “hi!” on Facebook so we can keep the awesome connections and conversations going as I’m pulling the tour together! This is only just the beginning. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me and I’m excited to tackle it all knowing I have this amazing team of Power Hour League players behind me! Now I’m off to send you your perks and keep making more music and art to put out in the world! I’m now able to do these things because of YOU! Thank you!



I have ANOTHER present for you!

Only a few hours left! LET’S GO!
Also… freakin’ pint glasses are awesome!

OMG!!!Yesterday we passed $30,000!! And today we’ve passed $31,000!! This is totally possible, players. Let’s get this fully funded!! There are about 15 hours left to make it happen.Since I’m psyched to make the koozies I told you about yesterday, I’m making that a perk that you get when we hit $35,000. YAY! Aaaaand, I’m adding in a new perk for when we get fully funded! OFFICIAL PHL PINT GLASSES!!

pint glass
If we can all come together to make it happen, I’ll send one of these killer pint glasses to everyone that contributed at the second tier ($15) or higher. Plus you’ll also get the official PHL koozie! Win! Again, I’m only going to make these if we can reach our goal of $40,000 in time. LET’S DO THIS!!

There are currently 1,168 of us on this team of funders. Yay!! I love my team 🙂 If even half of us can get someone to contribute at just the $30 level, WE’LL REACH OUR GOAL. Geez, $30 is totally doable and they’ll get the poster, koozie and the pint glass!!

So start spreading the word as much as you can. Reach out to your friends personally who you think would be into this and see if they want to be a part of what we’re building! Get them psyched to own a Shot Glass USB! Get them psyched to bring this Power Hour Party to you so we can party together!!

koozieSo remember:

  • Koozies at $35,000
  • Pint glasses at $40,000
  • You’re great. (Yes, you!)
  • I’m great.
  • Find some great friends to tell about this!

These next few hours are our final shot (PUN!) at making this happen. COME ON, PHL!! Let’s make some magic together!


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