Free Paintings

Seriously. I’m not trying to mislead you.

  1. You email me a request for what I should paint you
  2. I paint one request a day
  3. I mail that painting to the requester for FREE! (Not even a shipping charge)
  4. I post each daily painting and jokes about them to my blog and Tumblr.

Help me keep this project going. Please donate! Plus it will move you up on the wait list to get a painting!

The premise:

I want you to have my art. It is priceless… As in, I haven’t put a price on it. I can’t make sense of putting a price on my work. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. I’m giving a painting to anyone that asks. So take one and be a part of this project! It’s fine art, I swear.

beerduckguitarplanetskullturtlefire hydrant

How to request:

Email me at to request a painting. You can be as specific as you’d like when telling me what you want. What should be the subject? What colors should I use? Or you can leave it up to me. You could even ask for one you see on this site. I specialize in cute things so if you don’t tell me otherwise, it’s going to be adorable. But more importantly, its going to be FREE. I won’t even charge you for shipping for fear of that seeming like a price.

When you email me, I add your request to the wait list. I paint requests in the order in which I get them. (Unless you donate. Check below to learn about moving up on the wait list!)

If you really want to challenge me, try to request a subject that I haven’t painted yet. Make sure you check out the Gallery because I’ve painted A LOT of things. Over 2,000 things, actually.

Skeptical? Here’s some proof that I’ve sent paintings all over the world for free.

UPDATE: The wait list is now into the thousands. I create one painting a day so if you’re requesting now, I have to be honest, it’s going to be quite a while before you get your painting. Like…several years. I’ve been doing this project for 7 years (over 2,500 paintings!) and I’m still going strong but I can’t promise I’ll be doing it forever. If you’re really serious about getting some of my art, I suggest donating. That will move you up on the wait list.

Or if you’d like to just go about this in the legit way and pay to commission an artwork, email me with the subject PAID COMMISSION REQUEST. If you commission something, you’ll skip the wait list all together. A commission can also be a larger work or even a series of paintings.

Donating (and moving up on the wait list):

I’d like to mention that I have a paypal donation link and I’d really appreciate your support. I love making art and I love staying alive. So please help me out with that. While being a starving artist is romantic, it’s not practical. Donating is by no means required to get a painting but I REALLLLLY appreciate it when people donate and help me to continue this project. Plus, if you do donate, you will move up on the wait list based on the amount. I feel an obligation to paint first for the people that support me the most.

You can help keep me alive by donating even if you don’t request a painting. I will also accept donations after you receive and are happy with one of my paintings as long as you promise to not frame it in your mind as payment :)

A lot of people have been asking me about how much to donate so I came up with these tiers to help answer everyone’s questions:

$25 – Keep Ali in the Black

I’d like to cover the cost of paints, canvas, packing, shipping and PayPal fees.

$50 – Feed a Starving Artist

I’d like to give Ali a some extra money for her time and hard work.

$100 – Affordable Art Patron

I’d like to donate the full price of what Ali would charge for an original commission.

$200 – Actual Art Patron

I’d like to donate the full price of what Ali should be charging for an original commission.

$1,000 – Platinum Patron

I’d like Ali to sign the FRONT of my painting

$+1,000 – Platinum Plus Patron

I’d like to donate what my painting will be valued at in the future once Ali is famous


While I do appreciate these tiered donations. I’ll also accept anything you’d like to donate to help me keep my project going.

$? – Name Your Own Donation

Donate whatever amount you want to thank Ali for her work
For the record: I was doing this way before Radiohead. Haha!

 If you prefer Bitcoin, here’s my address: 18ZLW62Tymy7H9AJXMCVGjZMf7AWTp6Ym4

Or, you can request a painting for zero dollars. That’s cool with me too!

Some notes about my terrible business model:

It seems many people think I’m making a bunch of money on this project. Let me assure you that is not the case. My donation money goes back into the project. This “pay what you want” style has become popular recently but it only works with digital goods like music and software that can easily and instantly be replicated over and over with no cost for each individual copy. I have to create each one of these paintings by hand, one a day, so to be giving most of these away at no charge is terribly impractical. Yet I continue on with my quixotic endeavor because it’s fun and you should have some of my art!

Another reason why this is splendid:

The more people that request paintings, the better I get at painting and the more famous I get, the more my paintings are worth. Everybody wins!

So email me. I want to make you something.