I moved for the first time everrrrr
Now officially a Los Angeles resident

Yep, yep. I live in LA now and it’s weird and awesome. I’m here working on a new album. (OMG ARE YOU PSYCHED ABOUT THAT?! I am.) And also playing shows! Go see the next section if you’re anywhere near southern California because we need to party together this weekend!

A part of being in LA means surviving in LA. So I’m considering launching on Patreon! (Patreon is a crowdfunding site where you guys can support me when I make a video. So when I release a new One-Gal Cover Song, I get some dollars to keep living and keep making music! I’d love to hear what you guys think about that. Would you be interested in joining the team that supports my One-Gal Cover Songs? Here’s a playlist of all the past ones!

Seriously, I’m really apprehensive about if I should launch a Patreon around this and if you guys would really want to send your monetary support. So tell me what you think! Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email, whatever! I wanna know if I’m dumb or brilliant or somewhere in between.

Welcome to LA Show
My first official partyshow to celebrate my move!

Saturday, May 16 Welcome to LA Power Hour
Hollywood, CA Loaded Hollywood | 10:30pm

Everyone near Los Angeles!! COME PARTY WITH ME THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo psyched to get to perform with my DJ – Keith – and my air guitarist – The 6-String General – again. They were with me on my last national tour and after 2 months in an RV together + 20 shows, we know how to throw a ridiculously awesome party. It’s going to get absolutely nuts and I’m already pretty darn confident the house will be packed which will make it even more epic. Do. Not. Miss. This. Party.

Don’t forget to RSVP and invite all your coolest friends here!