I’ve got some huge news! Huge enough that Pittsburgh City Paper has made it their cover story. (See me below being too excited about it.) I’m moving to LA! AHHHH!!! Read all about it here.

Farewell Pittsburgh Power Hour
My last Drinking Game Concert in my hometown!

If you happen to be a Power Hour League teammate that’s near Pittsburgh, you can catch my farewell concert on the day after Christmas! This show is going to mean so much to me and I’d love to see you all there!

Friday, Dec. 26 Ali’s Farewell Pittsburgh Show
Pittsburgh, PA Club Cafe | 10:00pm

I’ve never moved in my life. Eep! So I’m leaving my hometown for the first time and it’s freakin’ terrifying. Exciting! But also terrifying. I just wanted to thank you all  — the Power Hour League! — for being so hugely supportive. You guys are the reason I’ve been able to chase the dream for the past two years and the reason I can keep going for it. Thank you for being on my side through my ridiculous shenanigans.

Ok quit being sappy, Ali… I just really wanted to tell you all how lucky I am to have this team. THANKS! And I can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂


P.S. It’s totally my birthday today. For realz! (Yes, I’m working — sending a newsletter — on my birthday. That’s how much I love my “job”.)

P.P.S. Oh you want to send me some birthday love? Well aren’t you the bestttt… I’d be THRILLED to see it on Facebook 🙂

P.P.P.S. lolz 😀